Multimedia Space is a personalised multimedia room that fits in your back yard.

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Personal cinema, gaming arena, event space, concert hall, gym, home office, guest bedroom and much much more.


Enjoy the art of cinema without compromises and notice every small detail on the big screen, just like the movie director had intented.

Gaming Arena

Taju allows you to fully immerse yourself in the game with all your senses without disturbing the rest of the family.

Event Space

Watch the next World Cup or the Olympic Games right in your back yard, in your personal Taju. Just gather your friends, fill up the fridge, get the grill going and on a huge screen with amazing sound, feel like you are right there at Wembley Stadium.

Concert Hall

With you can bring the Met Opera in your back yard and the best thing is, you don’t need to worry about the babysitter or the kids. You are all safe at home.

Even More ... works perfectly as a gym or yoga studio. Stream your favourite training class or meditate in quiet solitude. features a small kitchen and a fully functional bathroom, which means it can be easily used as a guest bedroom. Furthermore, with a few simple steps you can adjust the space to be a state of the art home office or lecture hall.

More than you imagine

See the Big Picture

Sometimes size does matter. The 2,6m wide screen allows you to feel like you are in the cinema or right at the stadium without leaving home.

Remarkable Definition

Sony 4K HDR projector lets you be in the movie. Experience sports with eye-popping quality and bring games to life.

Award-Winning Sound

Bowers & Wilkins in-wall speakers are seamlessly integrated into the interior design with no compromises on sound quality.

Integrated Acoustics

Sound absorbing materials and optimised room parameters based on Sepmayer's golden listening room ratio allow soundwaves to distribute evenly without any cancellations resonance.

Space for Experiences

Enjoy sports events with your friends, binge watch with the family, or play games without disturbing anybody. World-class operas, theaters, and concerts are now in your back yard

Play. Work. Sleep.

Use your for entertainment or work. Have video meetings like you are actually in the conference room. Meditate or read and if necessary let your mother-in-law sleepover on the sofa.

Intimate space.
Packed with features.

Bathroom, kitchen corner, cutting-edge multimedia setup, bespoke integrated furniture and interior detailing.

L: 7.2m, W: 4.15m, H: 3.6m
Attefalls 30m2

Designed and Built by Experts is designed by Welement, b210 and Miterassa. The design merges together high-tech prefab manufacturing knowledge, over 20 years of cinema building experience, and experimental architectural ideas.

A quality space. Enjoy movies in a cinematic quality. Go to a concert. Play your favourite video games. Watch the World Cup with your friends. Attend a virtual yoga class. Host kids’ birthdays.

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